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The HYPNUS CA720 AUTO CPAP delivers quiet, high-performance CPAP treatment. With an adjustable pressure range of 4-20cmH2O, the CA720 AUTO is ideal for a wide variety of patients. The machine also features a number of other adjustable settings, including humidifier level, heated tubing temperature, and data management options.



  • CPAP, APAP Modes
  • Pressures 4-20cmH2O
  • Ramp 4-45min
  • Pressure Release DEP
  • Noise Level <29dB
  • Humidifier 5 Levels Adjustable
  • Heated Tubing Adjustable
  • Data Management 2 years
  • Respiratory Events detection: A, H, AHI, FL, Snore, Leak, CSA, CSR, PB.
  • wifi enabled
  • Quality Warranty✶ 2 year

Hypnus CPAP Auto With Humidifier CA720

R13 490,00Price
VAT Included |
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