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The mattress replacement system combines flexible user settings with maximum comfort. Approved for user weights from 20 kg to 200 kg, the MED AIRE FlexWave system offers variable changing cycles and can be used individually thanks to the care, sitting, and static functions. The automatic cell pressure adjustment reacts to changes in the patient’s position, the cell-on-cell design replaces the need for a foam base for lasting comfort.

• Sitting & nursing function and static soft positioning
• Variably adjustable change cycle from 10 to 25 minutes
• Automatic cell pressure adjustment when the patient changes position
• Manual weight setting is possible
• With an intelligent start-stop system
• Automatic key lock after 30 seconds
• Bi-elastic, quilted and breathable cover
• The mattress can be repaired quickly as the air cells can be replaced individually
• Can be used with a slight to very high risk of decubitus, as well as supporting decubitus therapy (cat. 1-4*)
• Important
• *for people who can regularly change their lying position themselves or with help!

Med Aire FlexWave Alternating Pressure Mattress

R20 125,00Price
VAT Included |
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