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With Dynamic Network Analysis Technology (DNA), the OxLife Independence is the world’s first smart portable oxygen concentrator. Using DNA, we can monitor the machine’s temperature and the environment you are in to ensure the best performance possible. At a continuous flow on the second setting, the battery will last up to 2.75 hours. At approximately 8Kgs, the OxLife Independence is highly mobile with its built-in cart and oversized 6″ wheels. The proprietary DNA technology connects providers and patients, spotting problems ahead of time and hopefully avoiding costly hospitalizations before they occur. Built to serve active oxygen patients, the Independence is a go-anywhere design. This includes air travel, with the Oxlife approved by the FAA for in-flight use and compact enough to be stowed away under seat on many airlines. Get the most out of your portable oxygen therapy with the durable, go-anywhere O2 Concepts Oxlife Independence oxygen concentrator.

Oxlife Independence

R55 000,00Price
VAT Included |
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