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Maximum power and top safety open up new perspectives for you! From the very first sight, Bluster meets all requirements. Its safe and convenient features ensure that you feel completely comfortable and can focus entirely on the enjoyment of driving during every outing.


  • Well protected if it rains or the ground is muddy thanks to the splash guard
  • The bumper provides protection and safety for the scooter
  • High-quality 15” drive wheels with full suspension ensure the very best drive comfort
  • The beep volume can be adjusted using a key sequence on the display
  • Full cover of the rear wheel with integrated luminous backlights
  • Sporty design and aerodynamic construction
  • Scooter slows speed automatically when going round bends
  • Powerful motor

Scooter ST6 4-wheel with 80Ah battery 18 km/h

R141 949,00Price
VAT Included |
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