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Who Benefits From This Project?

The sole aim is to get oxygen as close to the rural areas as possible so that people can collect oxygen from a local 'business' that owns and runs a plant and can supply at prices within reach of those rural based people.

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Why PSA Plants?

At the height of covid19 2nd and 3rd waves, we received hundreds of calls asking for oxygen cylinders or re-fills of cylinders from people who were desperate for oxygen.

They did not want to go to hospital for fear that they would die there or that no beds were available for them in hospital. There was no oxygen to be found for these people, no place to fill, no place to do we fix this?

What's The Plan?

Make Oxygen Accessible to All

If we were to put in place multiple small PSA oxygen filling plants closer to our rural communities, empower individuals from those communities to own and run them. We could make oxygen available to all people via local filling of cylinders.

How do they work?

These are small oxygen generating plants that can fill up to 80 cylinders in a 24 hour day. Easily deployed to make oxygen from the air around us and fill cylinders using a booster..

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